Sugar Digital makes its home in San Francisco, CA. Founded by lifelong photographer and longtime retoucher Adam Moore (formerly of FatCat Digital) in 2006, we specialize in just what you see in the movies in the “retouching” section of this site.

Our list of clients is long, consisting of both photographers and agencies. In addition to being a creative shop, we pride ourselves on our technical side. While our creative side keeps the art directors happy, our technical side keeps the print producers happy.

Together, those two serve to keep the art buyers happy which, in turn, keeps us in business. In addition to post-production digital services, we happily offer pre-production and concepting stage consultation services. Save yourself money and heartache by ensuring that your great ideas are going to translate to pixels on a computer the way you envision them in your mind’s eye.

We also speak German (ohne Scheisse!) Come by and visit us sometime. We’ll only speak German if you really want us to.